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The Consortia for Improving Medicine with Innovation and Technology

CIMIT is a non-profit consortium of Boston teaching hospitals, labs and universities, CIMIT fosters inter-disciplinary, inter-institutional collaboration among world-class experts in medicine, science and engineering, in concert with entrepreneurs, industry and government to rapidly improve patient care. Its mission is to accelerate the healthcare innovation cycle by facilitating collaboration.

The CIMIT CoLab Network:

Some of the world’s most innovative organizations and consortia have joined the CIMIT Network and adopted CoLab to enable collaboration within and across world-class organizations.  They are using public and/or private CoLab sites to codify and implement best practices associated with healthcare innovation as well as share selected information that all can use to help improve patient care. Some members of the CIMIT Network are shown in the top right (in alphabetical order):

About CoLab: “The Healthcare Collaboration Platform”

CIMIT CoLab® is a secure, cloud-based collaboration platform that enables institutions and consortia to more effectively stimulate, manage and measure innovation. It provides a scalable, virtual infrastructure to support the many collaborative processes that multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional teams require to successfully navigate the healthcare innovation cycle.  It helps connect the needs of healthcare providers, medical foundations, and other non-profits with the vast experience, insight and innovative talents innovators from groups within or beyond their physical and/or virtual borders as well as patients and families.

The "Healthcare Innovation Cycle":

Help Finding CoLab Sites

Please indicate which CoLab site you wish to access. If it is a private site, we will contact the Site Admin to determine access.

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