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Please review our screening criteria before submitting your application via the CoLab portal.


The solution addresses one of the defined military trauma care focus areas.

Solution Readiness  

The work to date has a robust clinical and technical foundation. It has IP protection (at least an institutional disclosure) and has advanced to the point that it is technically and medically de-risked (e.g. proof of concept has been achieved.)

Commercial Potential

The solution should have a compelling value proposition clearly defined for economic buyers and address a significant civilian need with good commercial potential.

Implementation Pathway

The project has objective milestones toward bringing the solution to commercial transition in 12 to 18 months. If successful, the solution has a clearly defined pathway (regulatory, reimbursement, etc.) to reach patient care in <5 years.


The team coupled with the proposed resources, from CIMIT and other sources, are sufficient for the project to reach commercial exit within the Stage 2 and 3 budget ranges. CIMIT support is aligned with project strengths, will prove meaningful, and is wanted by the team.

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